Children’s home Nepal is an organization created in 2012 to help poor and vulnerable children of Nepal.  It’s a home for now 14 of these beautiful souls, who have been welcomed into the family by Sujan, Sumitra, and their parents, who are all running this project together. There, the kids have a roof over their heads, food, clothes, and especially quality education and love.

As a volunteer in Children’s home, you will get to meet these amazing children, help them get the life and education they deserve. Having international volunteers coming is for them a unique chance to open up to the world, to get to know new cultures, improve their English and learn new languages taught by the volunteers.

This is a unique experience, because of what a volunteer can bring to these children, but also for what it brings to any participant. Being part of this family, discovering the Nepali culture from the inside, and getting to know the children is incredibly rewarding.

Schedule of a volunteer

As a volunteer, you will stay in a guest house a few meters away from the children’s home. In the morning, you join the kids and begin your day by teaching them English, Chinese, French, German, or any other language that you speak.

Then, you can help them get ready for school, and help around the house, and everyone eats breakfast together. After this, you will take the children to the bus.

While the children are at school, the volunteers are free to do what they want and discover Kathmandu. You can ask Sujan or Sumitra to show you around, make you discover local places, tell you more about the Nepali traditions and the Hindu religion.

Once the children come back from school, they first eat and change their clothes. Then the volunteers play with them and help out with the homework.
Then comes the daily meditation time, and the dinner with the whole family.
After dinner, the volunteers can watch cartoons with the kids before they go to bed.

Accommodation and food

The volunteers all stay together at the guest house, where they can hang out once the children sleep. The guest house and the children’s home are located in Budhanilkantha, a district of Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital city, from which you can easily access Thamel, the main touristic and commercial center of the city, by bus or taxi.

You will get two meals a day with the children; breakfast and dinner, the traditional and delicious dish Dhal Bat (rice with lentils soup), that you should eat with your fingers if you want to live like a real Nepali…

The work as a volunteer

It might sound frightening at first to have to teach your language to children and help them with their homework, considering most volunteers have never done this before. But the kids at the children’s home are smart, motivated, respectful and they learn really fast. Their English is good, so the communication with them isn’t a problem. They are also very curious and ask thousands of questions about your language, your country and about any kind of subject, which makes working with them a real pleasure. And with them, you can also learn some Nepali, which they will be happy to teach you.

What to expect from Nepal

Most of the volunteers at the Children’s home come from western countries, so of course, coming to Nepal is always a culture shock. The living standards here are not the same, you should not drink tap water, and sometimes if it rains too much the electricity might stop for a while. But really there is nothing to fear, everybody gets used to the life and the culture here very fast, and most of the time it is rather hard for the volunteers to go back to their western life. And yes, you will always find an internet connection here in Nepal.

It is also the perfect place if you like mountains, hiking, beautiful landscapes, and if you are looking for a more spiritual life. In Nepal, Hindus and Buddhists coexist peacefully, which makes it the ideal occasion for you to learn more about these two religions or ways of thinking, and give a try to the yoga, the meditation, to open your chakras and start feeling the energies.

Also, people are always very welcoming and kind, they always try to help you, they have an incredible sense of community and family. Traveling alone, even as a woman, should not represent any problem: in Nepal, you will feel safe.